The Art of Making Roast Chicken: “Let it Be”

Patience is a virtue.  It is the main one I lack which can be funny for a chef.  I want to ice a cake right out of the oven (and I have–disastrously many times).  I want to pick at a Roast Turkey while its still hot enough to burn my fingers (and I do–much to my Father’s chagrin on Thanksgiving). But some things need time to rest.  Especially meats fresh from the oven.

A roast chicken takes half and hour to rest once you have removed it from the oven. An eternity!  But oh, once it has rested the succulence and moisture, and the supple, flavorful meat makes it worth it.

So let your foods rest!  Take the time to blow-dry your hair, run your laundry through the wash, call an old friend, have a leisurely glass of wine, do some yoga, or to do another part of the prep for your coursed meal.  Trust me, it will be worth the wait.


One thought on “The Art of Making Roast Chicken: “Let it Be”

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