Everyday Celebrations

A lot of people lately have been asking me where I see myself going and how I view myself as a chef.  These questions are not as easy as “what is your favorite color” or “would you like another margarita?”  Now I know the answer to those two questions.  But when it comes to my career there is the 1) what I would love to do 2) what I might do if the dream job doesn’t pan out 3) the abyss of unknowing which I try to avoid because as an ambitious American, that’s a scary place.

A key to my perfect job/culinary identity was when I started to think of my feelings about food.  I was thinking about this over dinner as I was enjoying a linguine vongole (a dish I love when prepared like my Mother but often find in lesser versions in restaurants.)  I started thinking about why I love food and what cooking means to me.

Kind of a Hallmark sentiment, but cooking always reminds me of friends and family.  I find the greatest sense of celebration in a meal shared.  When else can you get everyone together where there is a common agenda and a designated hour (at least) reserved for pure sensory enjoyment.  A meal is a great little chunk of the day.   A meal is something to look forward.  And just like that I started to think of my cooking as an act of preservation of fun.  I am not cooking on the line.  I am cooking for pure pleasure and that’s what I want to share.

Which is all the more reason that I have to share this with a larger group of people…thus the dream job of being a television chef.  Cooking is so much fun and it is so exciting the more involved you get.  The graduating steps from the microwave dinner to your first casserole are really quite liberating.  And anywhere along the line that you run into disastrous failure makes for an absolutely entertaining story.

Take for instance my last attempt to retrieve flour from a shelf which was rather high where instead I was showered with powdered sugar.  Did I feel like a clown….oh, yes, yes indeed.  But did I laugh and get my boyfriend to take a picture, of course!

Thus, if I were to have a show today…how much fun would it be to have EVERYDAY CELEBRATIONS with Aurora Nessly.  I think that would be cause for celebration indeed.


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