Idaho Adventure

So I am going to the potato fields of Idaho compliments of the Simplot Culinary Learning Experience and I am going to get an up-close an personal look at those notorious potato fields. I feel proud from the depths of my Irish roots and I do see it as a sort of Graceland experience which will bring me face to face with the starch of my people.  I will be one with the spud.  A kind of robust zen will be my spiritual reward for this pilgrimage.

You may be asking yourself, “what the heck is she talking about?”

To elaborate:

I won a “scholarship,” well really an all-expense paid trip to learn about the diverse agriculture of Boise, Idaho.  I will be attending an Idaho Specialty Foods Showcase, touring the Clear Springs Food Trout Farm, and exploring onion and potato fields.

Now I have never been to Boise.  All I know about Idaho is that it contains deliciousness in the form of one of my favorite ingredients  (and did you know: at 200 calories, the potato is the single most satisfying food–single food that is).  Mmmm…potato!

My plans are simple:

get a cool T-shirt

snap a picture of me in the potato fields (I’m envisioning a cowboy hat, jean shorts and a long pitchfork…we’ll see)

digest as much starch…and knowledge as possible 🙂

More to come on the Great Potato Adventure!……….


One thought on “Idaho Adventure

  1. Please snap many potato pictures… with you intricately involved. I sort of wish I was your personal photographer for this trip… “dig! dig! get the potato… look like you love it… I want to see LOVE!”

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