Pineapple Carpacio


pineapple (thinly sliced)

fresh ricotta cheese

honeycomb (and a little extra honey for drizzling)

fresh mint

fresh raspberries and blackberries

This recipe is so simple! So delicious!! So good for you!

I did not create this recipe though I wish I did.  I took it from my favorite chefs at the Rock Center Cafe.  I didn’t exactly get the recipe from them…I was just gifted the plate of this deliciousness which I savored, contemplated, and recreated.  Their prep is slightly different though the ingredients are the same.

The simplest preparation EVER:

Get your sharpest knife and cut that pineapple THIN.  The dish is called pineapple carpacio because of the thin slices similar to a preparation of beef carpacio(more commonly known).  Plate the pineapple in a fan shape and glaze with a bit of drizzled honey.  Top with fresh ricotta cheese (I love to pick this up from one of NYC’s great green markets).  Then you add the chopped mint, the honeycomb, and the fresh berries.  Voila!  You have created an extremely fresh and healthy starter for brunch or a light dessert.  If you want to snaz it up you could also make it into an appetizer by cubing your pineapple and topping with the ricotta, honeycomb, mint, one berry, and spear it with a tooth pick/bamboo appetizer skewer for easy eating.  Enjoy!


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