Heirloom Tomato Sandwich


4 slices toasted whole grain bread

1/4 bunch fresh basil leaves

1/2 cup Hellmann’s mayonnaise

2 eggs

2 slices of your favourite cheese (Asiago/herbed gouda/fresh mozzarella)

2 thick round slices of a red heirloom tomato

Salt and Pepper to taste for your egg

Begin by creating your basil mayonnaise.  Blend Mayonnaise with fresh basil leaves in a Cuisinart (I also added 2T artichoke tapenade but good basil will suffice to create a wonderfully flavorful mayonnaise).  You could also do your mayonnaise from scratch but if you’re a little hungry and you have Hellmanns anyway…why bother

I blended my mayonnaise until it was mostly smooth but still a little chunky because I wanted to keep things simple.

Next, I toasted my bread and fried my egg.  Let the cheese melt on your egg (you can speed this along by covering your frying pan with a lid and removing it from the burner to let the heat in the pan finish melting the cheese).

Assembly is as simple as it seems.  Spread the basil mayonnaise on all four pieces of the toasted bread .  Top two slices with a fat tomato round and cover the tomato with your delectable fried egg (go for a light fry so that when you take your first bite the egg yolk breaks and oozes all over–my Father’s test of a good sandwich is one that makes a mess as you eat it).

This is a breakfast sandwich for me that just says “good morning!”  The yolk oozes, the tomato is sweet and satisfying and if you sit outside with a strong cup of espresso, this just may be the best way to greet the morning.


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