Tuna Tartar on an Egg Roll Crisp

This appetizer may seem a little posh but when it won over pigs in a blanket and sliders at my last party–I knew I had a major hit.  And I wasn’t serving waifish socialites either–I was serving the boys of the Harvard Club–a hungry horde who knew the good stuff when they saw it.

A note on eating: the egg roll wrappers make exceedingly delicious and crispy chips.  The overconfident cocktailer might grab one of these beauties by its delicate corner and assume that the deliciousness will easily travel.  It is a “crisp” meaning flaky, crunchy, delicious and fragile.  Handle with care to ensure that it gets where it needs to–in your mouth.

Tuna Tartar on an Egg Roll Crisp (for 10)

1/2 lb of sushi grade tuna (don’t skimp here–you are serving raw fish so get the good stuff)

1 package of egg roll wrappers (I used “Melissa’s” and cut each sheet into 8 appetizer sized portions–you will have plenty of sheets left over for additional projects and fun)

vegetable oil for frying (enough to fill a small pot 3/4 full)

lemon juice- I used about 1/2 a lemon (suit your taste but don’t mix your tuna too soon or use too much lemon juice or you’ll be faced with ceviche)

horseradish-1 tsp

chives-2 T minced (plus additional for garnish if desired)

Dijon mustard- 1 tsp

Tabasco-to taste

kosher salt- to taste

Preparation: cut your egg roll sheets to size.  I divided a sheet into quarters and then sliced each quarter in half to yield 8 even triangles.  Bring your vegetable oil to a light boil and drop in your egg roll triangles one by one–they take about five seconds per side once you get the temperature of your frying oil right.  You want just the lightest golden brown for color and they turn fast.  Transfer fried triangles to a rack with paper towels to absorb excess oil.  Sprinkle with kosher salt.  (If your oil has not colored too dark or started to smoke you should save it for your next frying adventure.  Just let it cool first and strain out stray egg roll particles then store it for later use)

Once all your egg roll crisps have been fried and salted, finely dice your tuna and mix together your tartar.  To serve, place a small spoonful of tartar on your crisp and plate with additional chopped chives for garnish.


The source of my tuna and other suggestions for markets in New York City:

I used the Lobster Place in the Chelsea Market (they have another location on Bleecker Street as well) but I also love Wild Edibles in the Grand Central Market.  Whole Foods also has sushi grade tuna but you may need to thaw it first.


3 thoughts on “Tuna Tartar on an Egg Roll Crisp

  1. Experiment away! It also works with a wonton crisp and if you want to avoid frying you can bake them on a silk mat with a mix of sesame oil and canola.

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