Why We Bake

All culinary students at my school are required to take a pastry mod.  Many students rue this time and feel it as a  personally affront and attack on their skills.  I find this time to be a carb filled vacation.

Baking reminds me of my Grandmother and thus fills me with a feeling of comfort, safety, and true content.  It is a feeling of time being yours again (instead of rushing the clock to plate a semi-raw chicken for a practical exam that I would have failed were it not for the kindness of my instructor and other disastrous attempts from my classmates.  Sorry guys- sometimes failure loves company).

The smell of melting butter is one of the most soothing and comforting smells in the world.  The basic ingredients are kitchen staples: eggs, flour, salt, sugar, butter…and it is amazing how many different recipes you can create with this small larder.  So why do so many avoid baking…



boredom or frustration with timing?

I honestly don’t know.  All I know is that cookies are cheaper and much more appealing than therapy.  Offering sweets also wins you a lot more friends than whining about your problems as well.  So for this upcoming holiday season–skip the guilt, eat the darn cooky and be a happier person for it.


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