Smoked Salmon Omelet with Grated Hashbrowns

serves 2


3 eggs

1/4 C diced white onion

1/4 C smoked salmon (I used my Uncle’s hard smoked Salmon and it was beyond delicious)

1/8 C sharp cheddar cheese, grated

salt and pepper- to taste

olive oil- as needed

avocado-for plating

Dice your onion and cut your smoked salmon into bite sized chunks.

Heat a medium sized saute pan over medium-high heat and add olive oil.  Saute your onions till translucent then set them aside in a separate bowl.

Whip your three eggs together in a separate bowl then pour them into your saute pan.  Season the eggs with salt and pepper and once eggs are halfway cooked add your garnishes to half of the omelet: onions, smoked salmon, grated cheddar cheese.

Cook the omelet till eggs are fully cooked, fold in half and keep in pan off the burner.  Serve with grated hashbrowns.

Grated Hashbrowns


2 Idaho potatoes, peeled and grated

salt and pepper-to taste

olive oil-for cooking

sour cream/ketchup-to top

Peel and grate your potatoes into a bowl filled with cold water.  Heat a medium-large saute pan over high heat and add olive oil.  Strain your potatoes being sure to remove all moisture.  Add them to the heated pan, flattening with a spatula.

Cook about 5-6 minutes per side until golden and crunchy.

Season with salt and pepper, top with sour cream and serve alongside your salmon omelet.



3 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon Omelet with Grated Hashbrowns

  1. My boyfriend and I tried aurora’s salmon omelette and it was amazing!
    Cooking with aurora is so easy and fun! We wanna cook with aurora
    every morning!

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