For Your Culinary Delight

If you ever find yourself with an afternoon free it is well worth it to take a sojourn to Chelsea Market on 9th avenue running from 14th to 16th street.  Talk about one stop holiday shopping–this place has everything you need to stock even the most elaborate of holiday affairs.

Here I am kicking back by Manhattan Fruit Exchange–by far one of the BEST places in Manhattan to buy gorgeous fresh produce.  I have been sent here by numerous food stylists and never leave empty handed.  A real gem for creating perfect fruit baskets for loved ones or just to get some of the tastiest and prettiest food for your next dinner party.  A word to the wise-bring cash because they do not accept credit or debit.

Other favorites:  Amy’s Bread—okay, its a cold winter day and you just want something warm.  You pass by Chelsea Market on the south side and smell freshly baking bread–throughout the day.  How can you possibly resist the aroma of their potato-onion-dill bread.  It would be a sin NOT to grab at least a baguette.

For the lush in you-there’s always Chelsea Wine Vault, a wine store which holds frequent wine and spirits tastings.  On my last excursion I had the opportunity to taste Veuve (okay, I’ve tasted it a million times,  but when someone’s offering a free glass, who am I to turn it down), I also had a chance to taste three lovely malbecs.  Well worth the visit to the vault.

Chelsea Market is well loved by professionals of the area and why not when there are so many wonderful shops and restaurants to grab lunch at.  Oh-and an easy personal favorite is the fresh sushi at The Lobster Place.

With this market you can’t miss.  A one stop shop for all your holiday needs.  A fun place to bring the family.  And a great place to beat the cold.

Now how do you like them Apples?


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