Happy Belated Earth Day (the joy of fresh herbs)

Well I seem to be a little behind on my holidays lately but here’s a little ode to Mother Earth celebrating the joy of fresh herbs.

For a girl with four green thumbs in her family, none of which hers, and a desicated gardenia to show for her vain attempts at gardening…its safe to say that I’m pretty pleased with my herb garden. The secret-I don’t do a thing.

My father, after I returned the withered, brown, pathetic gardenia that was DOA and asked him to “fix it” realized that I may not be as responsible about watering as he had previously assumed.  He then offered me a genius solution: a little start your own garden, Aero Garden that lets you know when to feed and water it.

True city girl that I am, I loved that.  I respond very well to lights.  Green means go, red means stop–unless you’re in NYC and can walk faster than the streaming Taxis (okay-not so much of a diligent pedestrian either).  But basically I have to say despite waking my boyfriend up at 2AM because I set the lights to go on at odd hours, there have been no casualties.  I now have fresh basil (the heartiest of the lot), mint, oregano, and Italian parsley whenever I so desire it.  And fresh herbs to a chef are essential!

Got to love that!


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