Save Yourself Some $$ (Shrimp Stock)

Save everthing and you save money.  It’s the golden rule in keeping your kitchen running on manageable finances.

If I’m making grilled shrimp for an appetizer then I buy fresh shrimp that has not been cleaned or shelled.  Now if I was cooking for 2,000 guests, I wouldn’t go this route (but then again, I’d never cook for 2,000 guests-I have to be realistic here).  But for a smaller party that little bit of extra work reaps huge rewards.

I not only save money per pound but I also get those precious shells to create stock.  That’s right I’m building stock in my business by utalizing the entire product.  The shrimp stock is saved (it can easily be frozen) for dishes such as a Barcelona paella, lobster bisque, or a miriade of other creations and I use the discarded products from one dish to create the base ingredients for another: shrimp stock.


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