Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough

The Sandwich Spread

(Your all-purpose tailgating guide)


Local flavor * Signature subs * Draft picks from the Pro

It’s the smell of pigskin and the mighty vision of the body-painted hordes parading their team’s colors with pride. It’s the heckling back and forth of the fans and the taste of cold beer and steaming grub. It’s tailgating season and it’s fierier than ever because we’re kickin’-it off chile pepper style!

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail your teams play hard and you’re there to scream them through it. Now what’ll get you through the season from crushing defeats to soaring victories is chile-powered fuel and a sneak peak at top draft picks to start your own fantasy football team from blogger: Crush your opponents online, crunch down on our signature subs, and eat like the locals with a look at popular sandwich joints from New England all the way to the West Coast. It’s all here in the sandwich spread.

Local Flavor

I wanted to start your season of with a real taste of what the fans down home eat. So here’s a roadmap to rustle up some authentically tasty tailgating treats.

Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough

(Picked for Lobster Roll and for the New England Patriots)

The choicest ingredients make the best sandwiches and Abbott’s lobster roll is a classical example. Noted by Connecticut Magazine for the “Best of Connecticut” award, Abbott’s brings home the flavor and serves it up with style. With just three ingredients: fresh picked lobster meat, the highest quality drawn butter, and a toasted hamburger roll this sandwich is New England’s glory and Noank’s pride. Established in the late 1940’s, Abbott’s is located at 117 pearl street in Noank, Connecticut. It is also a BYOB giving you the opportunity to bring your favorite wines and beers and to sit back and take in the view as you eat. For additional information check out their website: 860-536-7719.


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