Fertitta’s Deli

Fertitta’s Deli
The Muffy
New Orleans Saints
Though outside of New Orleans, Fertitta’s is worth the jaunt. Southern charm knows no bounds and a hungry customer will never be left stranded at Fertitta’s Deli. Agatha Fertitta McCall makes Muffys by the hundreds, and Robert A. McCall makes vats of PaPa Fertitta’s mouth watering olive mix. Many know the muffulata (a sandwich that originated in the French Quarter of New Orleans) but the only truly informed know the Muffy, a trademarked sandwich of Fertitta’s Delicatessen. The original Muffy was created by PaPa Fertitta over 50 years ago and is a delicious blend of cold cuts, mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar cheeses topped with PaPa Fertitta’s olive mix.

1124 Fairfield Ave Shreveport, LA • 318-424-5508 http://www.papafertittas.com


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