Harvest Weekend–featuring Apples

It was a perfect fall day.  Sun streaming through blazing trees-while farms boasted delicious harvest treats.  Apple cider donuts–the best I have EVER had in my entire life. (ps-I HATE donuts and for these I went back for seconds!).  Worth the sojourn to NJ for the donuts alone. I’m talking moist, fluffy warm donuts with a crunchy, fried exterior. Double whammy!

Then there was the cider dogs with apple kraut (okay–if you haven’t considered doing so previously–take my advice and cook EVERYTHING in apple cider).  It takes the bite out of traditional sauerkraut–and gives it a bit of sweet.  Okay–well, maybe not everything should be cooked in apple cider but why not a ton of new foods for the season.


okay-sweet, completely rich and fall worthy, somewhat novel, and 100% sumptuous!!


One thought on “Harvest Weekend–featuring Apples

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