Summer Greens!

I had the good fortune to be able to spend Father’s Day in Pennsylvania with my Dad.  I left with bags of his amazingly sweet and delicate lettuce greens.  These greens are so flavorful and tender that they can easily be eaten alone without dressing and still bring the truest pleasure.  However, with a few simple ingredients, they make the BEST salads.

For the next week, farmers markets throughout the Tri-State area should be featuring similar baby greens. However, as summer comes on in full these greens start to decline so grab them at their prime.

For today’s salad I used under 10 ingredients:

hard boiled eggs, an assortment of baby greens, small white beans, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar (I have a wonderful pear infused vinegar), lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

Simply dressed with oil and vinegar and a touch of lemon juice for brightness, this salad is the easiest thing to fix for a quick snack or healthy lunch.

When your ingredients are this fresh, you don’t want to be heavy handed on your seasoning.  You just want to chose the right ingredients to enhance and deepen the basic flavors.


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