Aurora and Travis Take on Bleecker Street

Join Travis and I on a food tour of Bleecker Street in NYC. Watch Travis eat his way down the line of Mamoun’s Falafel, Gray’s Papaya, and Cone’s Gelato.  Get a look at what makes us cook and why we love being chefs in NYC, home of the greatest cheap eats around!

About your Chefs:

Travis Healy is a CIA graduate has worked in restaurants across the country and currently resides in Manhattan.  He is currently freelancing in the private chef world. His interests range from locally obtainable food to blues harmonica. Travis has a passion about the culinary world and wants to learn as much as he can from new experiences and adventures in the vast world of food.

Aurora Nessly is an ICE graduate who works as a private chef, food writer, host, and model throughout NYC.  More info is available on her website.